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تعتبر شركة أطلس العامة للمقاولات إحدى الشركات التابعة للشركة القابضة للتشييد والتعمير من أعرق شركات الإستثمار العقاري في مصر منذ إنشائها ومن أكثرها تميزا ًمن حيث الأداء والتوسع في جميع أعمال المقاولات والأعمال الهندسية والعقارية بمختلف مجالاتها سواء في مصر أو خارجها، لما تتمتع به من فريق عمل متخصص ومتميز في كافة المجالات المطلوبة لتسيير العمل و على رأسها مجلس إدارة ذو رؤية تطلعية واضحة للمستقبل.

تم تأسيس شركة أطلس تحت مسمى شركة أطلس العامة للأشغال العامة ومواد البناء فى عام 1954 كشركة مساهمة مصرية يرأسها السيد المهندس / عبدالمنعم حافظ ، وكانت تتضلع بأعمال الأشغال العامه (المقاولات) وتم تأميم الشركة بالكامل لتصبح شركة مساهمة مصرية بموجب قرار وزير الإسكان والمرافق رقم (322) والصادرة عام 1964، وهي تعمل تحت مظلة الشركة القابضة للتشييد والتعمير منذ عام 1991، وهي إحدى شركات قطاع الأعمال العام


Social Housing project is considered as the largest important national projects in the current period in addition to covering all governorates of the republic. All capacities of state governmental agencies are directed to it. Atlas General Contracting Company has the honor to have a distinguished role in such national project by participating in its execution in a number of governorates such as (Cairo "Al-Asmarat", Assiut, October, Suez "Badr City", Luxor)the work is under progress in such sites to deliver the units that the company was entrusted to execute on the defined dates.

Public facilities are considered from the elements forming the structure of the state due to their importance and service reflection on the level of the community as well as the special interest given to them by the state. Therefore, Atlas General Contracting Company participated in constructing a number of public facilities such as (an educational building in faculty of Nursing, Damnhour University, constructing an educational building in central laboratories buildings, project of constructing faculty of Engineering and workshops at Al-Abaadia Complex, Damanhour university) from its belief with the necessity of community participation.

Utilities works include the maintenance and prolonging the lifetime of the assets and community services provided by hospitals, hotels, resorts and schools. Atlas General Contracting Company participated with a number of utilities projects such as project of executing civil and electro-mechanical works for irrigation network of tree forestation in Beni Souwaif Governorate as well as the execution works (roads, water, sewage, electricity) for social housing project in the area of the 480 feddans in New Tiba City.

Atlas General Company for Contracting , Real Estate Investments, Air Conditioning and Elevators (state owned company) has experience in the field of elevators after joining of Nile General Engineering Company (Schindler) – that has the experience in this field since 1882 – into it. Currently, Atlas General Company for contracting and Real estate Investments carries out the businesses of supplying, installation and maintenance of elevators for most buildings of governmental agencies in all governorates – for example but not limited to – (Cairo University, People's Assembly, Cabinet building, Suez Canal Authority, Sales tax offices, some public hospitals ……….).

It is considered from the promising fields joined to the businesses of the company. Such business is considered a distinguished transfer as it has been prepared by constructing new stations and upgrading the existing ones and buying large concrete transporting trucks that were lately joined into the fleet of the company. Such ready made concrete stations produce ready made concrete with the required specifications and using them in the projects awarded to the company. It can be also feed the other projects entrusted to the contracting companies working in the neighborhood with competitive prices yielding an additional income to the company.

The company extended in real estate investment business as the company utilizes the plots of land, services, factories and liquidity available at the company as well as looking for new plots of land at New urban Communities Authority in the new cities and entering in partnership projects with subsidiaries of the holding company in the field of executing real estate investment projects such as Ibn Sandar residential-commercial tower project in Al-Zaitoun District.

In addition to all aforementioned businesses, the field of furniture showrooms is included to the list. Atlas company owns a series of furniture and decoration showrooms subjected to the supervision of sector of factories and specialized businesses. Such showrooms are characterized with their complete readiness to furnish hotels, educational classrooms and training centers and manufacturing all kinds of kitchen cupboards upon request and at the highest level.

The company owns a number of factories at the headquarter of sectors of factories and specialized businesses in Ghamra. They are:

  • Furniture Factory
  • Architectural Carpentry Factory
  • Aluminum Factory
  • Marble Factory
  • • Iron & Iron Créteil Factory